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GLAD People is at the forefront of marketing through messenger channel (aka chatbots) for hospitality and food industry, having more than 1500 chatbots installed in the past two years.


Started in 2016 and incorporated in 2017, from day one our mission has always been to materially improve the relation between a brand and its customers by empowering businesses to take full advantage of the messenger channel.

Starting as a pilot project in Cardiff, today you’ll find us powering commerce experiences across European and American small and medium restaurants/pubs/bars/etc. Let us Covid Secure your restaurant.

“We’re reimagining the relation between a restaurant and its customers by facilitating order taking and payment directly from your clients’ phone. Less stress for them (as limit human interaction) and very convenient. Less effort for your waiting staff, resulting in lower costs for you.”

– Adrian Defta,

CEO & Co-Founder of GLAD People


Adrian Defta - CEO & Co-Founder

Adrian spent the first decade of his career in technology going all the way from software developer to business unit manager. In 2013 he’s done his MBA in Warwick,UK and Michigan-Ross, USA. Prior to founding GLAD People he worked for Admiral and headed the innovation arm of Confused.com.

Liliana Gamureac –COO & Co-Founder

Liliana is a seasoned lawyer with a practical lifelong experience in running the back office activities – making sure that not only “the lights are on”, but also we are taking a proactive and guiding interest in every client. She is the ultimate client success responsible, ensuring that we deliver 10X more value to our client than what we are charging back.

Liviu Sauer –CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Liviu, who has more than 15 years’ experience in tech engineering, has been in chatbots world for the past 5 years. At GLAD People he is responsible for leading and scaling the engineering team, running the current infrastructure and building the next generation of marketing through messenger tools.

Damian Monea – AI specialist

Damian is a prominent and passionate researcher in the AI field. His only task is to make sure we are at the forefront of AI research for chatbots, we are both capitalizing on the leading trends and technologies and building our own in-house expertise.